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What Causes Degenerative Disc Disease Pain?

It is a part of our normal aging process to develop degenerative disc disease. However, while for some this condition will go unnoticed, for others it will lead to painful and debilitating symptoms that may affect their quality of life. There are also a variety of symptoms that are associated with degenerative disc disease because the […]

Are my pains related to a back problem?

Pain and soreness can be felt all over the body. Sometimes it can be felt as a sharp, shooting pain, and other times it may just feel like a dull ache. While you may feel pain in the hips, knees, arms, feet, or other areas of the body, it is not always safe to assume […]

Why You Need a Second Opinion Before Committing to Spine Surgery

second opinion before spine surgery

The importance of getting a second opinion before spine surgery can’t be overstated. Unfortunately, while many patients who have been recommended spine surgery may want to get a second opinion, few actually get one. Many patients feel that letting their doctor know that they’d like a second opinion means that they’re second-guessing their doctor’s expertise, […]