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We are committed to providing the highest level of care to patients suffering from pain caused by spine issues. At Biologic Spine Therapy, we utilize the most advanced techniques to accurately diagnose the cause of your condition.

Our focus is on decreasing or eliminating pain while restoring you to normal function. Once we have accurately diagnosed your condition, we can proceed with a treatment plan comprised of one or more of our non-surgical and innovative options.

Below, you’ll find more information about the spine treatment options we offer and how they can help you get your life back from pain.

Overview of Treatments

We utilize leading-edge non-surgical treatments like the Discseel® Procedure, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, and Bone Marrow Concentrate to help you get maximum relief from your pain with minimal recovery time. 

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The Discseel Procedure

The Discseel Procedure

The Discseel® Procedure is a naturally derived, non-surgical, and minimally invasive procedure designed to treat chronic back and neck pain caused by damaged or torn spinal discs, also known as annular tears.

This effective alternative to spinal fusion has provided many patients with significant relief from their pain without limiting their mobility or requiring a long recovery.



Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) is a minimally invasive procedure made using plasma and platelets, which contain growth factors that stimulate cell reproduction, tissue regeneration, and healing.

This therapy aims to help the body heal and regenerate tissue in areas that have difficulty healing on their own. PRP has the potential to allow injuries to heal more quickly, reduce pain, and more.

BMC (Bone Marrow Concentrate)

BMC (Bone Marrow Concentrate)

A minimally invasive outpatient procedure, bone marrow concentrate is a therapy that uses stem cells and growth factors found in your bone marrow to quickly regenerate tissue and heal injured areas.

Bone marrow concentrate can be used to generate tissues like bone, cartilage, fat, and blood vessels to help restore function, provide relief from pain, and allow you to get back to your life.

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